Boat 2,75 m beam       8.450,-
Boat 3,5 m beam    13.400,-
Boat 5,0 m beam    17.000,-
Boat +5,0 m beam    21.400,-
Longside    On request
Tent on the pier 5*3 meter    19.900,-
Jetty    28.500,-
Jetty with tent 5*3 m    38.500,-
Single jetty longside      9.000,-
Registration fee      4.500,-


Price per boat

Application form - Båter i sjøen 2018

Deadline - End June



Boat     300,-
Boat  5,0 beam     600,-
Sailboat     600,-
Tent    1.000,-





Båter i sjøen 2018 | Aker Brygge        


1.The boats shall be presented at the exhibition berths in the docks.

In/at the exhibition area ashore (tents) engines and boat equipment in addition to other possible products, shall be exhibited. All exhibited products must be approved by the Organizer.

2. The registration is binding. The Organizer may, at any time prior to the opening of the exhibition, reject wholly or partly booking(s) agreed or submitted, hereunder reject all or reduce the number of exhibition berths in the docks, stands in tents, or reject defined boats, boat equipment and/or other products. The Organizer may also during the exhibition make above mentioned changes against compensating the documented expenses of the Exhibitor, limited to a proportional share of the exhibition fee. The Organizer is free to make the final decision regarding the distribution of the exhibition space. The boat(s) and/or products exhibited must comply with the laws and provisions of Norway, including regulations covering production and sale etc. of leisure boats (regulations covering CE-labelling) or legally binding judgement.

3. Furthermore, the Exhibitor must carefully prior to, during and after the exhibition, at all times follow the established directions and instructions of the Organizer and the
authorities and those of Aker Brygge.

4. If the exhibition fee is not paid by the due date, or the Exhibitor cancels his booking, the Organizer is entitled to rent the space to others without further notice. Nevertheless, the Exhibitor is responsible for his exhibition fee with the addition of interest and possible expenses, in case available space is not fully booked. At any rate, the Exhibitor is liable for payment of registration fee and 50 % of the exhibition fee in case of default of payment.

The Organizer has the right to retain exhibited boat(s) and/or other goods against any unpaid exhibition fee.

5. The Organizer will provide ordinary security services, but is not responsible for the
exhibited boats and/or other products prior to, during or after the exhibition period.
During the opening hours to the public, all stands must be staffed by the Exhibitor.
It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to arrange insurance coverage for the exhibited units, including fire, damage and theft.

6. It is the duty of the Exhibitor to take all possible care to prevent accidents and injuries that may arise in conjunction with his participation in the exhibition. It is, furthermore, the duty of the Exhibitor to use the berths, mooring units, tent stands and the exhibition area ashore with all possible care. The Exhibitor will be held liable by the Organizer for any such
accidents and damage caused by himself or his contracting parties.

7. Complete or partial sub-leasing, lending or transfer of the exhibition space is not

8. All boats and/or other products must carry a visible label, indicating recommended price with all taxes included.

9. The width of the berths (dividers) shall only be adjusted by the Organizer.

10. Exhibitor parking cannot be expected. 

11. The Exhibitor is not permitted:
a) to distribute printed material etc. outside of his own stand.
b) to use loudspeakers or other equipment or devices having a nuisance effect, disturbing other exhibitors or the public.

12. Without written consent from the Organizer it is not allowed:
a) to arrange competitions, entertainment, performances, movie or video shows or other visual screening, sell lottery tickets, etc.
b) to remove boats and/or other products from the exhibition before the closing date.
c) to promote or market during the exhibition other products and brands than boats, boat engines, boat equipment and/or any other products specifically approved by the Organizer and/or stocked by the distributor(s).

13. Exhibition space is available from 07.00 hrs/stands on the piers and 12.00 hrs. boats Tuesday September 4th 2018. Sufficient mooring ropes must be accessible in every exhibition boat. The Organizer will notify those participants whose boats must use anchors in addition to regular mooring. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to undertake the relocation (removal) of exhibited boat(s) and/or other products not later than Monday, September 10th 2018 at 23.00 hrs for boats and Tuesday September 11th 2018 at 12.00 hrs for stands on the pier.  In case boats and/or other products have not been removed within this date, it is the duty of the Exhibitor to pay to the Organizer NOK 5.000, - for each boat and/or product per day or part thereof. This applies irrespective of the boat(s) and/or products being sold to a third party by the Exhibitor. Furthermore, the Organizer might – for the account and risk of the Exhibitor – remove and store boat(s) and/or other products, which has not been collected within the above-mentioned time, and – with 14 days written notice – dispose of such item(s) for the account and risk of the Exhibitor.

14. Contact persons in Norway representing foreign exhibitors are jointly and severally
responsible together with the Exhibitor for the removal of boat(s) and/or other products within the time limits stipulated above.

a)All foreign exhibitors must have a Norwegian/Scandinavian person/company, responsible for all correspondence and dealing with the Organizer.

15. VAT of 25% will be added to the stand fee.  A link to the Tax-refund application form is available on our web site.

16. In case the exhibition is obstructed or delayed because of terror, war, strike, fire, extraordinary weather conditions, amendments of laws and regulations, public resolutions or
circumstances which in any case must be defined as “force majeure”, the Organizer has the right to cancel the exhibition agreement, without the Exhibitor being entitled to claim refund of prepaid exhibition fee or compensation for any other loss caused by the actual termination or cancellation. 

17. The Organizer’s liability in case of breach of contract is at all times limited to a maximum refund of already paid registration fee and exhibition fee.

18. Any feasible disputes between the Organizer and the Exhibitor, are to be settled according to Norwegian law and with the Oslo Town Court (Oslo tingrett) as legal venue. In case of interpretation, disputes, the original Norwegian text shall take precedence over translations into other languages.